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Welcome to the website of our historic Captains house - restaurant "Kalypso".

 The house itself was probably built during the 17th century. During the 17th
century the ships captains became very wealthy and built themselves magnificent homes much larger than traditional village homes.
These homes have become known as captain houses.
This house is built of stone (which was regarded as strong enough to safe
guard against earthquakes invaders). The stone was quarried at near by Pefkos.
The high walls added privacy and also helped to keep the houses cooler in

Greeks are known for their strong family bonds and we are no exception.
We are proud to have kept many of  the family possessions in the restaurant.
The tools on the wall belonged to the owners Grandfather, who used them for
building repairs aboard ship. All areas of the house display the beautiful
traditional hand painted Lindian plates.

Our kitchen is always viewable from the windows, our recipes are always available and new ones accepted.

Wishing you a most enjoyable holiday...
                                                                    ANGELA & EVRIPIDES



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